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Compact Flowering Shrubs

From Proven Winners® Color Choice® Shrubs & Grown by Garden Crossings

Gardening in Small Spaces can be a tricky task. You want all the color, variety and beauty of a large garden but your space constrains you. That was in the past! Now you CAN have all the beauty, color and variety that your friends have with a little help from the breeders at Proven Winners® Color Choice Shrubs. Take those old time favorites like Forsythia, Hardy Hydrangea, Rhododendron and Butterfly Bushes and shrink them down to a 18 to 36 inch size and now you have the perfect additions to your small garden. Some of you may be saying “but I don't have the space for any type of garden”. My response to that is “Try CONTAINER GARDENING”! Maybe your small spot is a deck, porch, or just a small entry way, find a container that you like and start your first garden as a container garden. No one ever said and garden had to be in the ground. Find a compact shrub, and a few annuals and there you have it, your own garden. Sacrifice no more with the great selection of compact/dwarf flowering shrubs from Garden Crossings!

To keep your flowering shrubs looking beautiful all season long we do recommend fertilizing with Proven Winners® Premium Water Soluble Plant Food, or a brand of your choice. Our recommendation is to fertilize at least every other week for baskets and planters, ground plantings can go longer between feedings and for that we recommend  Proven Winners® Premium Continuous Release Plant Food or your brand of choice.

Why Should I Garden with Compact Shrubs?

Container Role:

  • Space Savers in Small Gardens
  • Border Options for a Layered Look
  • Use in Addition to Perennials
  • Great Choice for Container Gardens

Cityline™ Vienna Hydrangea


  • Height: 12-36 inches      
  • Spread:  12-36 inches   
  • Spacing: 12-36 inches    
  • Type: Shrub
  • Habit: Mounding, Upright
  • Container Role: Thrill 
  • Garden Role: Space Saver

***Please Note These Attributes are Variety Dependant

Shrub Needs:

  • Light: Sun-Part Shade
  • Moisture: Average
  • Bloom Time: Spring-Fall
  • Uses: Landscape, Containers, Gardens

***Please Note These Attributes are Variety Dependant

Maintenance Tips:

Flowering Shrubs are generally easily maintained. Some people like to keep their shrubs shaped and we recommend reading when your particular shrub needs to be trimmed. Some flowering shrubs bloom on 'new' wood and other bloom on 'old' wood. You want to make sure that you are not trimming your 'old' wood bloomers in the late summer or after as you will be trimming all the buds for the following spring off. Plants that bloom on new wood are a little more forgiving. For some varieties such as Hydrangea Incrediball™ and Invincibelle™ Spirit we do recommend trimming them back a couple times during the first growing season to promote branching which will in turn make for a better shaped bush.

A yearly application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

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