Infinity® Lavender

New Guinea Impatiens Infinity® Series

From Proven Winners® & Grown by Garden Crossings

Shade annuals can be hard to find and the Infinity® series of New Guinea Impatiens from Proven Winners® fill that niche with vibrant color and beauty. They also have excellent features like: large flowers, dark green foliage and a variety of colors to choose from. With their endless blooms, these strong growers are the largest flowering most consistent New Guinea Impatiens available today.

To keep your plants looking beautiful all season long we do recommend fertilizing with Proven Winners® Premium Water Soluble Plant Food, or a brand of your choice. Our recommendation is to fertilize at least every other week for baskets and planters, ground plantings can go longer between feedings and for that we recommend  Proven Winners® Premium Continuous Release Plant Food or your brand of choice. You may occasionally give your petunias a trim to encourage more branching which leads to increased blooms. This may be done with a scissors, or trimming shears.

Why Should I Garden with Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens?

Container Role:

  • Selected for Heat Tolerance
  • Uniform, consistent growth throughout the series
  • Brilliant, profuse, large flowers with bronze foliage
  • Results of 20 years of breeding

Infinity® Electric Cherry - PW - 4 1/2" Pot


  • Height: 10-14 inches
  • Spread:  6-10 inches
  • Spacing: 8-10 inches
  • Type: Annual
  • Habit: Mounding
  • Container Role: Filler
  • Awards Won: 77 including Excellent Rating in Disney Trials.

Plant Needs:

  • Light: Part Shade to Shade
  • Moisture: Average to Moist
  • Bloom Time: Planting to Frost
  • Uses: Landscape, Containers, Hanging Baskets

Maintenance Tips:

Self-cleaning; no deadheading necessary. Infinity® will do well in the ground or in containers. While New Guinea Impatiens are often sold in hanging baskets they need a lot of water to do well and it may be difficult to maintain appropriate moisture levels during the heat of the summer. They will be easier to keep hydrated in large pots or in the ground. They will do best in shady locations, but have been shown to do fine in hot sun as long as they are well watered. If the plants do get dry and are wilted, even if they are severely wilted, water them immediately and they should bounce back within several hours. They are generally easy care with little to no maintenance, other than watering, necessary. If you do want to trim them to improve habit this can be done at anytime using a sharp pair of scissors or pruning shears. 

A yearly application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and light fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

Purchase Infinity® New Guinea Impatiens Online:

Plants are sold in our PW - 4 1/2" Pot - 1.57 pints/742 ml - (Product Pictured above) .

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