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Monthly Maintenance Calendar

We have put our Garden & Landscape Maintenance Calendar together to give gardeners tips on the activities they should be doing on a month by month basis. These tips are base on our zone conditions (Zone 6) here in Western Michigan. Many of these activities will still be relative to other areas of the country, but may need to be done in different months. In zones 9-11 some overwintering activities may not apply. We have displayed our average temperature for each month. This should give you idea based on your average monthly temperature when you should be performing this certain tasks or activities.

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Please click on the links below to access planting and maintenance information for October.

Gardening Activities
Our Average Daily High Temp for October is 58°F.
Written by Kylee Baumle: Writer of Our Little Acre

Though many of us hate to see it come, winter is on the way, but not before we enjoy the lovely, crisp autumn days of October.

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