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Beth's Blue® Laurentia Laurentia

Laurentia Laurentia (Star Flower) Top Seller!
Beth's Blue® Laurentia Laurentia (Star Flower) Beth's Blue® Laurentia Laurentia (Star Flower) Beth's Blue® Laurentia Laurentia (Star Flower)
Beth's Blue® Laurentia
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See what our great customers had to say about the Beth's Blue® Laurentia Laurentia

Elsie's Review
Location: Beaver Falls, NY
Hardiness Zone: 4

Love this plant, so beautiful, everyone comments on the beautiful color. Will buy this plant every year for my window boxes. I live in Northern New York and this plant lasts for a long time.

Customer Rating:
Lucia's Review
Location: New York, NY
Hardiness Zone: 5

this wonderful plant was a hit all summer long, it make our deck look so gorgeous that i cant wait to add them again this summer,

Customer Rating:
Jackie's Review
Location: Flower Mound, TX
Hardiness Zone: 7

Gorgeous plant that is covered with tiny blue star shaped flowers that sway in the breeze. It looks like hundreds of butterflies swaying in the breeze on green stems. Texas heat tolerant!

Customer Rating:
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Common Name: “Star Flower”

(Star Flower) Beth's Blue® Laurentia has star-shaped flowers on a cushion of medium-green foliage. Beth's Blue® intermingles well with other plants to fill in the middle ground of a combination. Laurentia is a drought tolerant plant that does best in full sun.

Flower Color: Violet Blue
Height: 1-2 Feet     Spread: 1-2 Feet
Hardiness Zone: 7-10  
PS - 4 1/2" Pot
1.57 pints/742 ml
$7.99 ea.
$7.59 ea.
$7.19 ea.
$6.79 ea.

Beth's Blue® Characteristics & Attributes

Sun Exposure
  • Full Sun
Soil Moisture Needs
  • Moderate
Season of Interest (Flowering)
  • Late Spring or Early Summer
  • Summer
  • Late Summer
  • Fall
Design Use
  • Container
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Combination Containers
Container Design
  • Filler

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