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Vitis vinifera 'Blue Concord'

 Vitis vinifera 'Blue Concord' (Grapes)
Vitis 'Blue Concord'
Photo Courtesy of De Groot Inc
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Common Name: “Grapes”

(Grape) Grape 'Concord Blue' produces generous clusters of flavorful fruit. Concord is the most popular garden variety and has long been the backbone of the eastern grape industry. Grape 'Concord Blue' ripens late and is ideal for jelly, juice, table use and wine. Skins slip easily from the dark-purple fruits. Almost all purple grape juice on the supermarket shelf was pressed from Concords. Grapes are not particular about soil preference and do especially well in clays and loams that have been improved with organic matter.

Flower Color: Purple
Height: 15-20 Feet     Spread: 8-10 Feet
Hardiness Zone: 5-9  
5.5" Pot
1.89 qt/1.78 L
$17.99 ea.
$17.09 ea.
$16.19 ea.
$15.29 ea.

Grapes Growing Tips:

This plantis not allowed to be shipped to ID, NY, OR, WA

'Blue Concord' Characteristics & Attributes

Sun Exposure
  • Full Sun
Soil Moisture Needs
  • Moderate
Season of Interest (Flowering)
  • Fall
Edible Type
  • Fruit

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