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Container Gardening Made Easy

Buy or Design Your Own Container Plantings

Garden Crossings offers you options in your selection of the correct combination container for Your Outdoor Living Decor.

   1. Shop Our Top Selling Combos by Color
   2. Purchase Our Preplanted 12" Hanging Basket
   3. Design Your Own Creation with our own Combo Designer

Garden Crossings COMBINATION DESIGN TOOL has made designing your combination planters and hanging baskets easier! You simply pick 5 of your favorite annuals and place them in the hanging basket, here you can see what the combination looks like and then when you are satisfied with your results you can order your creation in a 12" hanging basket.

Although Garden Crossings ships all our combinations in 12" Hanging Baskets, they also work well for any of the following:

   1. Transplant them into larger Hanging Baskets
   2. Have a favorite container? No Problem, transplant them into any 14" to 20" upright container 
   3. Plant them into the garden or landscape

Please allow 4 weeks for us to grow your custom created combination. Also, don't forget to order your Water Soluable Fertilizer to keep your plants looking great.

Garden Crossings is here to make Planning, Planting & Enjoying your Outdoor Living Decor so much easier.


Thriller Plants

Spiller Plants


Filler Plants

Create your custom Hanging Baskets and we will grow them for you.

For help getting started watch our instructional video.




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'All That Glitters'

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'Geneva Terrace'

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