Mailorder Gardening

Garden Crossings is a Member of the Mailorder Gardening Association

Gardeners--Start Your Catalogs (and Websites)

It may not be gardening weather outside, but inside where it’s warm and cozy the garden catalog season is in full bloom. Mailboxes are filling up with colorful garden catalogs, so now is the perfect time to relax in your most comfortable easy chair with a stack of colorful garden catalogs and spend some time dreaming about planting your spring garden.

It is no accident that January has officially been proclaimed National Mailorder Gardening Month by the Mailorder Gardening Association (, because the first of the year is traditionally when garden catalogs start arriving in mailboxes. Garden catalogs are filled with colorful pictures of new plants and blooming gardens, so they offer a much-needed emotional boost for gardeners who are longing to get their hands into garden soil and raise another crop of gorgeous flowers and delicious vegetables.

Brighten the coldest days of winter by looking through a stack of colorful mailorder garden catalogs (or visiting online websites) while planning your springtime garden.

Garden Crossings does not have a printed catalog. Instead of paying an expensive publishing company for a printed catalog, we offer our products via our website only and pass the savings on to you. To view or print our catalog from your computer check out our Catalog Creator. If you are not comfortable ordering online, you may download an Order Form and send it to us via fax or mail.

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