Superbells�� Vista�� Bubblegum, Fuchsia, and Silverberry

Petunia Supertunia® Series

From Proven Winners® & Grown by Garden Crossings

Intense color at your finger tips, with NO deadheading necessary! Supertunias® Petunias are not your grandmothers petunias. Grandma would have to deadhead, get her fingers sticky, and just spend lots of time 'tending' to her plants. The Supertunia® line of petunias are self cleaning, they 'bury their dead'. With their vigorous growth habit and tons of flowers Supertunia® just keep on giving all summer long. The rainbow array of colors leaves no color scheme behind, available in crisp white to deep purple the single, double, or mini petunias from Proven Winners® will quickly become a annual favorite.

To keep your plants looking beautiful all season long we do recommend fertilizing with Proven Winners® Premium Water Soluble Plant Food, or a brand of your choice. Our recommendation is to fertilize at least every other week for baskets and planters, ground plantings can go longer between feedings and for that we recommend  Proven Winners® Premium Continuous Release Plant Food or your brand of choice. You may occasionally give your petunias a trim to encourage more branching which leads to increased blooms. This may be done with a scissors, or trimming shears.

Why Should I Garden with Supertunias?

Container Role:

  • Self Cleaning, No deadheading
  • Very Strong Growth Habit
  • Provides a Mass of Summer Color
  • A Flower for Every Color Palette

Supertunia�� Royal Velvet - PW - 4 1/2" Pot


  • Height: 6-12 inches      
  • Vista® Series 16-24 inches
  • Spread:  6-12 inches   
  •  Vista® Series 18-24 inches
  • Spacing: 8-12 inches    
  • Vista® Series 12-18 inches
  • Type: Annual
  • Habit: Mounding, Trailing
  • Container Role: Filler, Spiller
  • Awards Won: 642 including Walt Disney World, FL

Plant Needs:

  • Light: Sun
  • Moisture: Average
  • Bloom Time: Planting to Frost
  • Uses: Landscape, Containers, Hanging Baskets, Combinations

Maintenance Tips:

Self-cleaning; no deadheading necessary. Supertunia® will do well in the ground or in containers. If planted in the ground we recommend using the Vista® Series for their excellent vigor and mounding habit, although other varieties also can be used. The Vista Series is our number one sekking landscape annual. Supertunias® do best in a full sun location. Supertunia® Mini would be your choice if you have any area that gets some shade, these varieties can handle the least amount of sun. Supertunias® do great in hanging baskets and in planters, many varieties if well fertilized can trail up to 4 foot long. You may notice mid season that they are looking a little 'weak'. At this point we recommend giving them a trim to promote more branching and new growth. Also if you have not been fertilizing we do recommend that you fertilize every 1-2 weeks in pots and containers for the best looking plants. In the ground Supertunias® can be fed once a month with a slow release fertilizer. Although you may fertilize more if you want or if the annuals look like they need it.  Petunias are generally easy care with little to no maintenance, other than watering, as necessary.

A yearly application of fertilizer or compost on garden beds and regular fertilization of plants in pots will help ensure the best possible performance.

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Plants are sold in our PW - 4 1/2" Pot - 1.57 pints/742 ml - (Product Pictured above) .

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