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How much water do my plants need?

Watering PlantsYou’ve planted up your containers and added new perennials and shrubs to your landscape. Now how often and how much do you need to water them? Let’s take a look at the specifics of watering to get those new plants growing.

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Five Ways to Decorate a Shaded Deck or Patio

Shade PatiosJust because your deck or patio is in the shade, it doesn’t have to be dark, uninviting space. Let’s take a look at five distinct styles you can decorate your space with this season. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know how to transform your shaded space into your favorite place to relax outdoors.

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Angelface® Super Blue Angelonia- New for 2017

Angelonia Angelface Super BlueThere is a new Angelonia that will be making its appearance in gardens and containers this spring, it is Angelface® Super Blue Angelonia ( Super pink and Super White). You may be thinking ‘Why does it have the word “super” in its name?’ I am here to tell you it is because this is a ‘super’ exciting new offering!

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Pure White Butterfly – Add To Your Containers

Argeranthemum Pure White ButterflyIf you love using Argyranthemum in container designs as much as I do, you are going to love the new Pure White Butterfly™ as an option. The large, crisp white daisy looking flowers explode with beauty and are a perfect choice for a thriller in annual container designs.

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Graceful Grass® Pennisetum ‘Fireworks’

pennisetum fireworks grassGraceful Grasses® ‘Fireworks’ is one of my go to Thrillers. I love the variegated purple, pink and burgundy with a splash of white for contrast. This plant likes full sun and can go without a lot of water. I like ColorBlaze® Alligator Tears to complement the rich dark colors of “Fireworks”. Alligator Tears has beautiful green foliage with a creamy-yellow tear drop center. This plant will do well in all sun exposures. Alligator Tears needs moderate moisture, but is drought tolerant. My third splash of color comes from Supertunia Vista Fuchsia. This Petunia is a vigorous grower and will add a striking display to your combination. Vista Fuchsia will adapt well with my other choices. Supertunia Vista Fuchsia is a trailing variety and will spill over the edge of your planter. You will love the abundant display of color throughout the summer months.

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Light Up the Garden By Day

And the Sky By Night

Verbena Meteor Shower™Meteor Showers and the color purple! Need I say more? Absolutely not! But I will. The most requested flower color of customers is purple. One of the most brilliant sights seen in the night sky are meteor showers. Put the two together and you have a masterpiece. Exactly why we need to talk about a new 2016 annual, Meteor Shower™ Verbena.

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All Our Garden Dreams Can Come True…

Annual CombinationAre you looking to get into the ‘Flowering’ world but the thought of ‘Gardening’ is scary to you? Take the advice of Walt Disney, “All of your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”. Gardening can be large scale or small scale, no matter what you are looking to do gardening can be successful and fun!

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A Sunny Statement

A Sunny Annual StatementSpring is almost here and many of you are probably thinking about your garden(s) or landscaping. An avid gardener is always thinking of ways to add a new garden area or to freshen up their current landscaping. While touring Four Star Greenhouse during the summer of 2015, I observed a beautiful idea for an annual landscaping trio. Graceful Grasses® ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum, Supertunia® Bordeaux Petunia, and Luscious® Pinkberry Blend Lantana are three beautiful choices to plant together to make a colorful statement with movement in the landscaping.

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A Charming New Annual for 2016

Enjoy the Charm of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm

SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak CharmNothing is more welcoming than the beauty of a vibrant sunrise at daybreak. Take that beauty to the garden with the vibrant color of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm Petunia. This Charm series of SupertuniaⓇ displays colors as vibrant as the sunrise, The bright pink flowers with a sunshine yellow center that is separated by a thin white margin. A refreshing mix of color to add to your garden, plant by itself, or in a combination container or hanging basket of your choice. This new 2016 annual is a favorite of mine

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Me Help! Including Toddlers In Gardening

Plant a Seed in A Child and Watch Them Flourish

Toddlers in the gardenThe phrase I hear a lot of lately from my toddler is, “Me help”. The task can be making a meal, bringing in the groceries, or planting up a new combination in a pot, and the list goes on. How can I resist the sweet little voice asking to help? Kids of all ages love to play in the dirt. So why not include them in your planting and let them experience the joy of planting a beautiful arrangement that they can take pride in.

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