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Light Up the Garden By Day

And the Sky By Night

Verbena Meteor Shower™Meteor Showers and the color purple! Need I say more? Absolutely not! But I will. The most requested flower color of customers is purple. One of the most brilliant sights seen in the night sky are meteor showers. Put the two together and you have a masterpiece. Exactly why we need to talk about a new 2016 annual, Meteor Shower™ Verbena.

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All Our Garden Dreams Can Come True…

Annual CombinationAre you looking to get into the ‘Flowering’ world but the thought of ‘Gardening’ is scary to you? Take the advice of Walt Disney, “All of your dreams can come true, if you have the courage to pursue them”. Gardening can be large scale or small scale, no matter what you are looking to do gardening can be successful and fun!

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A Sunny Statement

A Sunny Annual StatementSpring is almost here and many of you are probably thinking about your garden(s) or landscaping. An avid gardener is always thinking of ways to add a new garden area or to freshen up their current landscaping. While touring Four Star Greenhouse during the summer of 2015, I observed a beautiful idea for an annual landscaping trio. Graceful Grasses® ‘Fireworks’ Pennisetum, Supertunia® Bordeaux Petunia, and Luscious® Pinkberry Blend Lantana are three beautiful choices to plant together to make a colorful statement with movement in the landscaping.

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A Charming New Annual for 2016

Enjoy the Charm of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm

SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak CharmNothing is more welcoming than the beauty of a vibrant sunrise at daybreak. Take that beauty to the garden with the vibrant color of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm Petunia. This Charm series of SupertuniaⓇ displays colors as vibrant as the sunrise, The bright pink flowers with a sunshine yellow center that is separated by a thin white margin. A refreshing mix of color to add to your garden, plant by itself, or in a combination container or hanging basket of your choice. This new 2016 annual is a favorite of mine

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Me Help! Including Toddlers In Gardening

Plant a Seed in A Child and Watch Them Flourish

Toddlers in the gardenThe phrase I hear a lot of lately from my toddler is, “Me help”. The task can be making a meal, bringing in the groceries, or planting up a new combination in a pot, and the list goes on. How can I resist the sweet little voice asking to help? Kids of all ages love to play in the dirt. So why not include them in your planting and let them experience the joy of planting a beautiful arrangement that they can take pride in.

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The ‘Dark Knight’ That Adds Light

Lobularia ‘Dark Knight’

Lobularia 'Dark Knight' An amazing plant that performs all summer long, Lobularia ‘Dark Knight’ is a standout new annual for 2015! In several applications such as in garden beds and combination designs, ‘Dark Knight’ added that superb splash of light I was hoping for.

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Beautiful Baskets After Dark

Lighted Hanging Baskets

Lighted hanging BasketsHave you ever considered enjoying the beauty of your hanging baskets once it gets dark? Are you the type of person who forgets to water? If either of these sound like you, I want have just the solution! I would like to introduce to you the “i3 Planters”, to light up your night life and take the pain out of watering!

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Add a Little Pizzazz to Your Containers

Funky & Fun- FOREST™ Pink Gomphrena

FOREST™ Pink GomphrenaI am always on the lookout for plants and flowers that add an element of ‘fun’ to my landscape and containers. I think that FOREST™ Pink Gomphrena is just what I needed.

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A Surefire™ Annual for all Sun/Shade Conditions

Surefire™ Red Begonia

Surefire™ Red BegoniaFinding the perfect plant for all sun and shade areas can be tricky, but new for 2014 Surefire™ Red Begonia is the plant for all areas. Begonias are well suited for both landscape plantings and container designs.

It is a sure bet that Surefire™ Red Begonia will work in almost any planting application that you desire for it. I was fortunate enough to receive from Proven Winners®, a plant to trial in my garden. I must say that Surefire™ Red, planted directly in the landscape was just as amazing as planted in a container combination. One plant in the landscape, in full sun, stood approximately 18 inches tall and wide and put on a show from June, when it was planted, until late in the fall when the frost finally got it. A nonstop bloomer, a must have!

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A ‘Punch’ of Color for Combinations

A Garden Crossings Favorite! Superbells® Pomegranate Punch

Superbells® Pomegranate PunchAre you looking to add a ‘punch’ of color to your landscapes or annual combination planter? Let me introduce to you Superbells® Pomegranate Punch. In general, a red petunia or calibrachoa really doesn’t do much for me, that was until I was able to trial Superbells® Pomegranate Punch.

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Supertunia® Flamingo is Flying off The Shelves

Bold & Beautiful

Supertunia FlamingoI know you are thinking how many pink Petunias does one really need or want. But what if I told you they just keep getting better. Your old tried and true may no longer be the best thing out there. You’re paying for the plant, why not get the best plant for your money!

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Simple Space Saving Solutions for the Urban Gardener

Container Gardening

Annual Combination PlanterAre you finding that you just don’t have enough space for all the plants that you love? That is often a problem for gardeners, with all the great new plant varieties that are being introduced. I am here to tell you, “You don’t need to give up your dreams, you just need to shrink them!” That being said let me tell you a little bit about gardening in tight spaces when you live in big places.

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