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10 Recommended Perennials and Shrubs for Clay Soil

Viburnum BrandywineIs your garden’s soil heavy and dense? When you squeeze a handful, does it stick together in a ball? If so, you are probably dealing with clay soil. The good news is that it packs a ton of nutrients that make some types of plants thrive. Let’s take a closer look at ten plants that will love to grow in your garden’s clay soil.

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How much water do my plants need?

Watering PlantsYou’ve planted up your containers and added new perennials and shrubs to your landscape. Now how often and how much do you need to water them? Let’s take a look at the specifics of watering to get those new plants growing.

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Five Ways to Decorate a Shaded Deck or Patio

Shade PatiosJust because your deck or patio is in the shade, it doesn’t have to be dark, uninviting space. Let’s take a look at five distinct styles you can decorate your space with this season. By the time we’re finished, you’ll know how to transform your shaded space into your favorite place to relax outdoors.

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The New ‘gold’ Standard- Gold Nugget™ Chick Charms®

sempervivam-hen-and-chick-chick-charms-gold-nuggetMy new favorite Chick Charm is Chick Charm Golden Nugget. This tiny beauty has found a home in my perennial rock garden. I have had so much fun watching the color change as the winter weather arrived in Michigan. When I purchased this Chick Charm from Garden Crossings this summer it was a bright green color with red picoted tips. Now it is a beautiful golden color with red tips. The baby “chicks”, will begin to sprout when the weather breaks.

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A ‘Berry Awesome’ New Addition to Summer

 SummerificⓇ Hibiscus ‘Berry Awesome’There is a new Proven WinnersⓇ perennial that is so awesome you will not want to miss out! Beautiful blooms to adorn your landscape and for you to enjoy. Rich, bright color to add eye catching interest to your garden or yard. A sense of the tropics right in your own habitat. SummerificⓇ Hibiscus ‘Berry Awesome’ will put on a show in your landscaping.

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Plant Texture Adds Detail

Panicum Cheyanne SkyWe always think about adding color to our gardens, but why not add texture also? Wouldn’t it be fun to hear people ask, “Wow, what kind of grass is that in your garden”? Why not add movement, rich color, and texture to your garden? Try Panicum virgatum Prairie Winds™ ‘Cheyenne Sky’.

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Vibrant Blooms & Long Bloom Time

Add a Splash of Sunshine and Happiness to Your Garden

LI'L BANG™  CoreopsisYou may be familiar with the Big BANG™ series of Coreopsis, which offered excellent disease resistance, and habit, we now introduce the LI’L BANG™ series which offers new and improved colors, a compact habit about half the size, and long lasting blooms. The LI’L BANG™ series is new for 2016, and with it comes 4 exciting new varieties: ‘Starlight’, ‘Red Elf’, ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Enchanted Eve’. All offer a distinct different color option, with the compact stature.

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