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The New ‘gold’ Standard- Gold Nugget™ Chick Charms®

sempervivam-hen-and-chick-chick-charms-gold-nuggetMy new favorite Chick Charm is Chick Charm Golden Nugget. This tiny beauty has found a home in my perennial rock garden. I have had so much fun watching the color change as the winter weather arrived in Michigan. When I purchased this Chick Charm from Garden Crossings this summer it was a bright green color with red picoted tips. Now it is a beautiful golden color with red tips. The baby “chicks”, will begin to sprout when the weather breaks.

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Light Up the Garden By Day

And the Sky By Night

Verbena Meteor Shower™Meteor Showers and the color purple! Need I say more? Absolutely not! But I will. The most requested flower color of customers is purple. One of the most brilliant sights seen in the night sky are meteor showers. Put the two together and you have a masterpiece. Exactly why we need to talk about a new 2016 annual, Meteor Shower™ Verbena.

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A ‘Berry Awesome’ New Addition to Summer

 SummerificⓇ Hibiscus ‘Berry Awesome’There is a new Proven WinnersⓇ perennial that is so awesome you will not want to miss out! Beautiful blooms to adorn your landscape and for you to enjoy. Rich, bright color to add eye catching interest to your garden or yard. A sense of the tropics right in your own habitat. SummerificⓇ Hibiscus ‘Berry Awesome’ will put on a show in your landscaping.

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A Charming New Annual for 2016

Enjoy the Charm of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm

SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak CharmNothing is more welcoming than the beauty of a vibrant sunrise at daybreak. Take that beauty to the garden with the vibrant color of SupertuniaⓇ Daybreak Charm Petunia. This Charm series of SupertuniaⓇ displays colors as vibrant as the sunrise, The bright pink flowers with a sunshine yellow center that is separated by a thin white margin. A refreshing mix of color to add to your garden, plant by itself, or in a combination container or hanging basket of your choice. This new 2016 annual is a favorite of mine

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Vibrant Blooms & Long Bloom Time

Add a Splash of Sunshine and Happiness to Your Garden

LI'L BANG™  CoreopsisYou may be familiar with the Big BANG™ series of Coreopsis, which offered excellent disease resistance, and habit, we now introduce the LI’L BANG™ series which offers new and improved colors, a compact habit about half the size, and long lasting blooms. The LI’L BANG™ series is new for 2016, and with it comes 4 exciting new varieties: ‘Starlight’, ‘Red Elf’, ‘Daybreak’ and ‘Enchanted Eve’. All offer a distinct different color option, with the compact stature.

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Enormous Blooms for Your Garden

Hardy Hibiscus For Northern & Southern Gardeners Alike

Hardy Hibiscus For Northern & Southern Gardeners Alike“What is that flower?” is a question that I often get asked when people see these huge flowers in my garden. When my answer is a Hibiscus they often feel let down, let down because people often associate Hibiscus with the tropical kinds that can only be grown in the South.

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New for 2016! Superbells® Holy Moly!

Great in Combinations

Holy Moly SuperbellsHoly Moly!™ is what you say when something has a staggering effect on you. I love SuperbellsⓇ and their petunia like appearance. Actually, that is exactly what they look like, mini petunias. It is often hard to resist adorable little flowers and this new annual for 2016 will be one that you will want to add to your containers, hanging baskets and landscape or gardens. Let’s take a look at one of the new 2016 Proven WinnersⓇ annuals, Superbells® Holy Moly!™

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A Trio of Happiness for your Garden

Three New and Improved Dianthus in the Proven Winners FRUIT PUNCH Series

 FRUIT PUNCH® Dianthus SeriesExcellent habit, beautiful foliage and blooms that are breathtaking, all of which are attributes to the three new Dianthus in the FRUIT PUNCH® Series. New for 2016 ‘Maraschino’, ‘Sweetie Pie’ , and ‘Cranberry Cocktail’ are perfect as a border, in mass or to add a splash of color here and there in your landscapes and gardens.

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Chick Charms®

Hatching This Spring

Chick Charms® Hen and ChicksGetting the ‘coop’ ready, Chick Charms® are here! We are so excited to introduce to you hand picked Hen & Chick selections that compliment each other as well as your garden. Drought tolerant and easy to grow it is time to start filling your ‘coop’.

New this year we bring to you Chick Charms®, a drought tolerant succulent that currently has 12 unique colors ad textures in the collection. Hardy in zones 3-9, Chick Charms® can virtually be grown is just about every garden. What makes this collection of Hens and Chicks unique? The time and trials that have been put into them. The plants selected for the Chick Charms® collection have been selected based on seasonal color, texture and the ability to look good Spring through winter.

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A Shrub for Any Size Garden- Part 1

One family with Small, Medium and Large Options

Hydrangea 'Bobo'You’re walking through your neighborhood and you see a shrub that you just love, but then it hits you, I don’t have a spot for something that large. Let me tell you just because the shrub you fell in love with is out of your ‘league’, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a smaller more compact option.

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The ‘Dark Knight’ That Adds Light

Lobularia ‘Dark Knight’

Lobularia 'Dark Knight' An amazing plant that performs all summer long, Lobularia ‘Dark Knight’ is a standout new annual for 2015! In several applications such as in garden beds and combination designs, ‘Dark Knight’ added that superb splash of light I was hoping for.

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Fun Foliage for the Garden

Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera

Fun Foliage for The GardenI often find myself looking for plants that will give me unique foliage color in multiple seasons. On a recent garden tour at Walters Gardens Inc. I found this handsome duo consisting of Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera and an old time perennial favorite, Sedum ‘Angelina’.

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