Basil 'Red Rubin' Basil 'Red Rubin'

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Basil 'Red Rubin'

Common Name:Basil
Plant Type:Edible
Height:1 - 2 Feet
Exposure:Full Sun (+6 hrs.)

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Looking for a unique basil to add to your herb garden? Give 'Red Rubin' a try! The reddish purple leaves have a slightly stronger flavor than sweet basil, add to salads to create a unique look. 'Red Rubin' is a great garden performer with intense, spicy flavor, as well as adding an ornamental appeal. Basil can be grown outdoors as soon as the risk of frost has passed. Basil likes to be grown in a full sun location and keeping easily moist. Feed with vegetable fertilizer to produce a bountiful harvest. When harvesting, cut it back to 1/4 inch above a node, which is where the branch meets the stem. Be sure to leave enough foliage so the plant can continue to grow.
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Basil 'Red Rubin'

Common Name Basil
Plant Type Edible
Brand Burpee
Sun Exposure Full Sun (+6 hrs.)
Edible Type Herbs

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