Melon 'Ambrosia' Melon 'Ambrosia'

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Melon 'Ambrosia'

Common Name:Melon
Plant Type:Edible
Exposure:Full Sun (+6 hrs.)

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There is nothing like the sweet taste of a good melon. Slicing into the ?Ambrosia? melon will leave your senses full of joy as the extra sweet aroma over takes you. The 'Ambrosia' melon gets approximately 6 inches and is packed full of juicy goodness right down to the rind. Don't let the tender and pale orange fruit be confused with cantaloupe, as it delivers "a combination of all melons plus flowers". These exotic melons prefer to be grown in full sun locations with a good source of hydration. When harvesting your melons, be sure to let them fully ripen on the vine. When they are ready to be picked take a little sniff, if you smell a sweet aroma you know they are ready, they should 'fall off' the vine. Fresh picked melons can last a good week or more if they are stored in the refrigerator. Enjoy your melons as a tasty summer treat.
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Melon 'Ambrosia'

Common Name Melon
Plant Type Edible
Brand Burpee
Sun Exposure Full Sun (+6 hrs.)
Edible Type Vegetable

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