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There is nothing more satisfying than picking a handful of sweet, delicious raspberries right from your own yard! A great source of dietary fiber and vitamin C, raspberries are also easy to grow and will reward you with berries year after year. There are two types of raspberries, summer bearers and ever-bearers. Summer bearers will produce one crop of berries in the summertime and ever-bearers will produce two crops, one in the summer and another one in the fall. Raspberry plants require full sun and moist soil, and most varieties do best with some type of trellising to support the canes. Raspberry plants multiply by underground runners, so site your raspberry patch with this in mind.

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    Rubus 'Jewel'

    July Fruit, Red to Black Berries, Winter Hardy,
  • Starting at: $16.99

    Rubus 'Royalty'

    Summer Everbearing, Very Productive, Sweet Light Flavor,
  • Starting at: $16.99

    Rubus 'September'

    Ever bearing, Red Berries, Excellent for Freezing,

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