Tomato 'Tasti-Lee' Tomato 'Tasti-Lee'

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Tomato 'Tasti-Lee'

Common Name:Tomato - Slicer
Plant Type:Edible
Exposure:Full Sun (+6 hrs.)

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Give your diet a Boost! 'Tasti-Lee F1 Slicer Tomato' is a strong growing variety that has been a grocery store favorite for years. The super sweet flavor combined with the health benefits of up to 40% more lycopene than similar tomatoes make this a heart healthy option. 'Tasti-Lee' likes it hot and holds up well to the hot weather in the south. Each fruit weighs 6-8 ounces and is a deep red color with deep red flesh. 'Tasti-Lee' is a determinate variety, which means it forms a bush like habit and does not require staking or caging like many other tomato varieties. Tomatoes prefer to be grown in a full sun area that gets ample amounts of water. Tomatoes can be harvested once they start to turn color, they will continue to ripen even after they are picked. The longer they can stay on the vine, the tastier they will be. 'Tasti-Lee? Tomatoes can be stored on the counter in indirect sunlight for up to 3 days. To slow the ripening process down tomatoes can be refrigerated but may lose some of their flavor. This variety is great for slicing, grilling, stewed and can also be canned, frozen, or dried.
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Tomato 'Tasti-Lee'

Common Name Tomato - Slicer
Plant Type Edible
Brand Burpee
Sun Exposure Full Sun (+6 hrs.)
Edible Type Vegetable
Tomato Type Slicer Tomato

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