Topic Title: One Person Junk is Another's Treasure
Created on March 1, 2009 at 05:54 PM

Annie M

Carol, yes, my husband has thought for years that I was a few puppies short of a pet shop! As I bring in new 'junk', he just shakes his head and says, "great, another project." He has often referred to my aged findings (for which I have great plans) as kindling!

For your sattelite dish feeders: drill a few small holes in the dish for drainage, cut a piece of window screening and place in the dish, then fill the feeder. Water will drain away and the feed will still be useable. And I would think maybe you could paint the dish with pool paint. After all, it's safe for humans to swim in without problems, and as long as you're into shades of blue and green, it seems like an alternative to satellite dish gray! Good luck!

Heidi G

Old worn out trimmers that were attached to a broken branch and a bird house made from old skids proudly housed Martins in my garden this year.

Heidi G

Here is the same old later in 2009. It is amazing how a garden can grow in 1 year.

Heidi G

The latter I found in the trash has become a nice starting point for my Clematis. This picture is spring 2008. I will post summer 2009 soon.


do any of you have a spouse who thinks you are obsessed/crazy? Mine does for sure. I took an old piece of copper gas line (bendable) painted it grassy green-curved, hid part, & had a snake. It scared my adult daughter, so obviously it worked. I beg old "pizza" sattelite dishes from friends, hang with chains. Instant bird feeders! I usually use craft wire & beads to jazz it up. I am not sure what paint would not leach into the food, especially if it got wet. Anyone have other ideas for garden goodies?

Heidi g

I would love to see a picture!


We bought an old farm and as you know farmers tend to have junk piles in the back. I was rummaging around in there and spotted an old boiler top.

It is about 30" across, 40" long and 20" tall It looks like a half a ball with a small chute attached, and a hole in the top.

We drug it up, tipped it over, and put it in our new shade garden. After filling it with top soil and compost we planted a Heucherella Stoplight (that was bought from Garden Crossings) in the center and Coleus on the outside. We planted Impatiens in the chute so it looked like the flowers were flowing out.

It was beautiful. Until something ate the Impatiens! Then the Coleus!

Heidi G

In this picture you will notice that I have my Clematis climbing up a pretty cool thing. It started off as a windmill that lasted only a few months before the top broke off. Instead of dumping the base part I save it and I now have 4 clematis climbing up. The clematis are: Blue Angel, Sunset, Henryi, and Rhapsody.

Heidi G

Your garden is beautiful! I love your garden treasure!


Okay, here is the shed from my last post. Finally figured it out!


I had my eye on this old shed for over two years. It was wasting away at an old abandoned farm. One day someone was at the farm and I stopped to ask about the shed. Turns out it is an old pump house. The new owner was just going to bull doze it!! He let me have it for free. It was some task taking it apart and moving it. I had to replace the roof and back wall. Luckily my carpenter had some aged barnwood that matched almost perfectly. The two windows on the sides even slide.



Sorry for the typos, my keyboard needs replacing.


I would love to show pix of what I have picked up in the trash, let alone the 110 other gardenrs that I am the volunteer coordinator (Golf Course Island Community Gardens, Reston, Va). We always scrounge. We share not only plants and seeds, but trellises made of everything imaginable, recycled fences (used both as fences or made into something usable), tree trunks, rock that was picked up from outcrops, ladders, headboards, footboars, maiklboxes, broken terra cotta pots, twigs, palletes, and lots more. I am the world's greates dumpster diver for my gardens. If someone is tired of something or finds something, I have an area for 'recyclable freebies'. Nothing lasts more than a day. I'll send pix when I can.


So good to show my husband that someone else has a ladder in their garden!! Great for climbing peas and beans. Love the birdhouse idea. Thanks.

Heidi G

My thoughts for this post is that you may have something in your garden that you found in the trash. Your treasure has become a great accent to your garden. I have a few things that I have found over time that are now great addtions to my garden. I will be posting these things from time to time. I would love to know what you have in your garden so I know what else to watch for on the road sides, garage sales, and thrift stores. Make sure you post pictures!!!

One of my favorite things in my garden is a old wooden ladder that was going to get thown out. It was not sturdy enough for someone to climb but is perfect for my clematis.And once again I hit the jackpot this week. I was at a local thrift store and saw a old ladder in the junk pile. Now I get to plant more clematis :)

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