June: Gardening Activities

Our Average Daily High Temp for June is 78°F

By June the Garden is Flourishing Relax & Enjoy Your Masterpiece!May was wonderful, but June is downright delightful. We’re seeing the fruits of our labors this month. Salads fresh from the garden are in order, as lettuce and spinach can be cut. Growth is lush in the flower gardens too, having been given a good start with spring rains. And now comes the warmth that really brings out the best in the perennials and warm season vegetables. Spring chores are behind us, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.

Remove any dead foliage from spring bulbs and compost it. Don’t have a compost pile yet? Now is a good time to start one!

Watch out for slugs and snails. If you see holes in the foliage, they’re likely the culprit. They especially love hostas. Control them by hand-picking at night when they’re most active or use a slug bait. Other methods include spreading sand around the base of plants they love, and placing a jar lid containing beer near the plants. They love beer and will drown in it.

Don’t forget to fertilize your container plants. They’re blooming heavily now and you want them to continue. A general purpose plant food will work fine, but be sure to read the label directions for use. Spread compost around your bedding plants to give them a boost, too.

Deadhead your perennial bloomers to keep them blooming and looking good. If they’re allowed to go to seed, they’ll think they’re done for the year. Place the dead blooms in your compost.

Make sure your container plants and hanging pots are getting enough water, even if you’ve been receiving regular rains. Overhead structures, such as eaves or trees may prevent them from enjoying the rain’s benefits. Check them regularly and water them thoroughly if they need it – until the water runs out the bottom of the container.

If you haven’t done so already, spread mulch around your plants, trees, and shrubs. A two-to-three-inch layer will help protect the roots from the heat of summer and will conserve moisture in the soil. Keep it away from direct contact with the stems of plants and shrubs and don’t mound it up like a volcano around trees.
Check your compost pile to make sure it’s moist. A dry compost pile isn’t decomposing. Wet it down and turn it to rejuvenate it.

Keep your bird baths cleaned. Birds will appreciate the clean water and by changing it every third day, you’ll help prevent mosquito breeding.

Check your plants for fungus such as powdery mildew and treat with a fungicide if needed. As the temperatures heat up and rains slow down, this can be a problem with some plants. Providing good air circulation will help prevent powdery mildew issues.

Don’t forget to enjoy your garden! Cut some of those beautiful blooms and bring them in the house! Share some with a neighbor or friend. It will make their day!


  • Cut dead foliage from spring bulbs and compost. Deadhead perennials and compost this, too.
  • Check for slugs and snails. Take appropriate measures to control these garden pests.
  • Feed container plants and be sure they’re receiving enough water.
  • Spread mulch to help conserve moisture and moderate soil temperature.
  • Keep your compost pile moist and turn its contents to help with decomposition.
  • Clean bird baths every third day, if possible.
  • Watch for powdery mildew on susceptible plants.
  • Share your garden with others by cutting a bouquet for them!

Watering Info:

  • Hanging baskets and planters will need water at least every other day.
  • Your lawn and gardens will need additional water during the month of June. Make sure your lawn is getting an average of an inch of water per week. Your gardens may take less water if mulch has been spread. Watch your plants – they will let you when they need water.
  • The best time to water is between 4am and 9am. The wind is usually calm. Watering later will allow for more evaporation and your plants may not dry thoroughly, causing diseases and mildews to set in.

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