Miniature Hostas Make Big Impact

Miniature Hostas Make An ImpactLooking for a plant to fill in those empty spaces in front of your low level windows? Do you want a clear view to your backyard or front landscape without obstructions? There are three miniature hostas that come to mind. Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears, ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Sparkler’.

These three hostas are compact in size and will fill in your empty spaces in front of your windows without taking away from your view. Hosta ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ sits at 8” high and 12” wide. This hosta is as cute as its name. The leaves are thick and round resembling those of mouse ears. The color of its foliage is a deep blue-green to gray-green with light lavender flowers emerging in mid summer. This hosta is versatile in its usage as it can be planted as a border or in containers for a conversation piece on a small table top.

Hosta ’Fireworks’ sits at 8-10” high and 6-8” wide. ‘Fireworks’ is as interesting as its name. We are always eagerly awaiting a firework show in July and this hosta shows itself as a mini firework show! The leaves are creamy white with a thin green border and present themselves in a cascading way as a firework would as it appears in the night sky. ‘Fireworks’ also has light lavender flowers emerging in mid-summer. Cute and compact, ‘Fireworks’ puts on a show.

Miniature Hostas Make An ImpactHosta Sparkler sits at 6-8” high and 10” wide. ‘Sparkler’ brings me back to my childhood and the memories of holding sparklers in the darkness of night. The leaves of this hosta present themselves similar to the way that the bright glow shoots from a sparkler stick This hosta is similar to ‘Fireworks’ in that it also has a creamy white center but with thicker green borders. ‘Sparkler’ along with ‘Fireworks’ and ‘Blue Mouse Ears’ sprouts light lavender flowers in mid-summer.

Something to keep in mind when planting these hostas, is to have slug control. The leaves of these perennial plants become a tasty treat for slugs. If you do not want your hosta to look like swiss cheese, take action and control of your slug population. A good word of advice for all hostas although ‘Sparkler’ tends to have more slug resistant, heavier leaves than some of the other hostas.

I love these three hostas that are planted in front of my son’s bedroom window that is at ground level. They are perfect for filling in the empty space that was once there without obstructing the view to our backyard.

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