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Big Kiss™ White Flame Gazania splendens

Big Kiss™ White Flame Gazania splendens (Treasure Flower)
Big Kiss™ White Flame Gazania
Photo Courtesy of Syngenta Flowers
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Tim H's Review
Location: dayton, OH
Hardiness Zone: 6

The plants arrived in perfect condition....larger and healthier than anything I could buy at one of the local garden centers. I am very pleased.

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Common Name: “Treasure Flower”

(Treasure Flower) Big Kiss™ White Flame Gazania has exciting color patterns that will create a hot spot in your gardens. The striped extra large, highly contrasted red and white petals of Big Kiss™ White Flame fan around the golden eye of the daisy looking beauty. The blooms close at night and on days that are cloudy. Gazinias can be used in planters or plant them in mass in your annual gardens.

Flower Color: Mixed Colors
Height: 8-10 Inches     Spread: 8-10 Inches
Hardiness Zone: 8-10  

Big Kiss™ White Flame Characteristics & Attributes

Sun Exposure
  • Full Sun
Soil Moisture Needs
  • Moderate
  • Cut Flower or Foliage
  • Drought Tolerant
Nature Attraction
  • Butterfly
Season of Interest (Flowering)
  • Late Spring or Early Summer
  • Summer
  • Late Summer
Design Use
  • Border
  • Container
  • Combination Containers
  • Massing
Container Design
  • Filler

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