Solanum - Potato Vine

This ornamental vine is not to be confused with the more common ‘Sweet Potato Vine’ that is widely used in combination containers each season. Solanum or ‘Potato Vine’ is a member of the nightshade family, and you will notice that its flowers resemble those of the tomato plant but are white instead of yellow. It is an excellent vine that can be grown up trellises or allowed to trail from containers or hanging baskets. The variegated leaves are showy and are accompanied by clusters of white, slightly fragrant, star-shaped flowers appearing mid spring through fall. These blooms are then followed by small purple/black berries that are poisonous, so keep that in mind if you have pets or small children. A native to South America, Solanum is hardy in zones 9-11 growing up to 24” wide and vining or trailing up to varying heights of 4-20 feet. It can be trimmed to keep it at the desired height or length. Place in a full to part sun area and make sure to water regularly.

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