Proven Winners®

Why Proven Winners® Plants are Better

Proven Winners® searches the world to find the plants which are clearly superior to all the others of their kind. Proven Winners® have trial gardens in Michigan, New Hampshire, California, Germany, Japan, & Florida. Once you purchase Proven Winners® plants for your garden or landscape, you'll fall in love with them.

Proven Winners plants are:

  1. Easy to Grow and Care for
  2. Covered with Blooms
  3. Bright and Colorful
  4. Blooms All-Season
  5. Disease Free
  6. Tested and Trialed
  7. Carefully Selected

“Proven Winners®  plants outperform any other plants on the market today. These plants, planted as a mass planting, help us make a statement about our Garden Center and the plants we grow. I does not matter if you are driving by at 55 MPH or flying high above the ground. Proven Winners® helps us get our point across!” – Rod Grasman, Owner of Garden Crossings

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