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Sweet Romance Lavender

How to Grow and Prune Lavender Plants

One of the questions we receive most from home gardeners is how to grow and prune lavender. So, join us in learning everything you need to know about how to grow this classically fragrant perennial in your garden. We’ll cover when to plant, the best locations to grow it, how to prune and much more

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SUPERTUNIA® Saffron Finch™ Petunia - Annuals

Heidi and Rod’s Top 10 New Plants for 2024

We’re back with this year’s edition of Heidi and Rod’s Top 10 New Plants for 2024! They know a good plant when they see one and since they have the advantage of growing many of the new varieties before they are introduced, you’ll get to benefit from their experience. Let’s see who made the list

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SUPERTUNIA VISTA® Jazzberry™ Petunia - Annual (Meet the National Recipes and Plants of the Year 2024)

Meet the National Recipes and Plants of the Year 2024

Meet the national plants of the year 2024! Each year, Proven Winners awards top prizes for their most exemplary annuals, perennials, shrubs and container recipes under the National Plants and Recipes of the Year program. This makes it easy for home gardeners like you to identify the very best plants in each plant category. If

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Suptertunia Vista Jazzberry

Year in Review: Top 10 Garden Performers of 2023

What a year it has been! 2023 was a gorgeous year in our expanded display gardens here at Garden Crossings in Zeeland, Michigan. With fairly moderate temperatures and decent rainfall, our plants flourished, creating a vibrant swathe of color across the front of our retail garden center. Let’s take a look back at ten of

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4 Things You Need to Attract Birds to Your Garden

When you stop to think about it, birds are a lot like people in that they need many of the same things to survive and thrive. Food, water, shelter and community are all critical components of the ecosystem in which they live. If your landscape is lacking any of the four, you are less likely

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Our 10 Favorite Perennials and Shrubs for Containers

Are you tired of replanting all of your patio and porch pots every year? What if some of them contained plants that returned for several years? Though non-hardy annuals are traditionally used in patio and porch containers, the palette of available plant material increases exponentially when you add hardy perennials and shrubs into the mix.

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What Should I Plant with My Hydrangeas?

As pretty as they are all on their own, you can enhance the beauty of your hydrangeas by pairing them with complementary plants that accentuate their best traits. Companion plants can also bring color and texture to the space when your hydrangeas aren’t in bloom. Let’s take a look at all six types of hydrangea

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5 Things You Can Do to Help the Bees

If you enjoyed some blueberries in your cereal this morning or a thick slice of tomato on your BLT sandwich, you have a bee to thank. Native bees, of which there are approximately 4,000 species in North America, are the primary pollinator of many of our agricultural crops. They are generally far more efficient at

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10 Impressive Plants that Deliver the Most Bang for Your Buck

We’ve grown literally thousands of varieties of plants at our nursery over the years. Many of them make their way into our own home garden and the Signature Gardens surrounding our retail garden center. In the process, we’ve identified a select group of plants that are continually impressive either for their extraordinary ability to bloom

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8 Hardy Plant Pairings for Landscapes

Some plants are just better together—a concept that has given rise to the idea of companion planting. If you grow vegetables, you may be familiar with this term. There, companion planting is more about one plant attracting or deterring insects from the other or about plants creating physical support for one another. When it comes

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12 Small Space Garden Ideas

Whether you garden exclusively on a balcony or around a small patio, you can surround yourself with plants you’ll love. We’ll show you how using a dozen different examples and explain what makes each space work for the homeowner. Handy plant lists will help you achieve a similar look in your own landscape. Let’s get

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