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Sweet Romance Lavender

How to Grow and Prune Lavender Plants

One of the questions we receive most from home gardeners is how to grow and prune lavender. So, join us in learning everything you need to know about how to grow this classically fragrant perennial in your garden. We’ll cover when to plant, the best locations to grow it, how to prune and much more

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Winter Garden

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Zones for Plant Hardiness

Knowing your hardiness growing zone for plants is important if you plan to grow trees, shrubs and perennials. We’ll walk you through exactly what a hardiness zone is, how to find yours, whether or not the new USDA map affects you, how to interpret zones on plant labels, and other factors that affect plants’ hardiness

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Lavender Bundles

Best Flowers and Methods for Drying

Have you ever enjoyed a piece of art, wreath or bath salts that incorporated dried flowers and thought about drying your own? It’s an easy way to extend the use of the flowers and plants from your garden and bring nature inside. Let’s take a look at some types of plants you could be growing

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4 Things You Need to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Wondering how to attract birds to your garden? When you stop to think about it, birds are a lot like people in that they need many of the same things to survive and thrive. Food, water, shelter and community are all critical components of the ecosystem in which they live. If your landscape is lacking

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How to Handle Slugs, Budworm and Other Common Garden Pests

Let’s face it—if you are going to grow a garden, eventually you are going to encounter insects. After all, they are a natural part of a living ecosystem. Birds rely on insects to feed their young, and in fact, many beneficial insects rely on other insects for survival. Most are completely harmless and don’t warrant

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What Should I Plant with My Hydrangeas?

As pretty as they are all on their own, you can enhance the beauty of your hydrangeas by pairing them with complementary plants that accentuate their best traits. Companion plants can also bring color and texture to the space when your hydrangeas aren’t in bloom. Let’s take a look at all six types of hydrangea

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How to Grow Landscape Roses

Few garden flowers have stood the test of time like roses. For centuries, they have been revered for their bouquet-worthy summertime blooms. There are so many different types of roses, from climbing forms to hybrid tea, floribunda and more, but for our purposes here, we are focusing on how to grow landscape roses. All of

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4 of Our Favorite Fragrant Roses

Roses are undeniably beautiful but for a long time, fragrant cultivars fell out of favor. That’s because many of the most amazingly scented roses were also some of the worst offenders when it came to black spot and powdery mildew. They were too much work and required too many chemical treatments to keep them healthy,

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5 Things You Can Do to Help the Bees

If you enjoyed some blueberries in your cereal this morning or a thick slice of tomato on your BLT sandwich, you have a bee to thank. Native bees, of which there are approximately 4,000 species in North America, are the primary pollinator of many of our agricultural crops. They are generally far more efficient at

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AROMANCE® Mulberry Nemesia - Annuals

Heidi and Rod’s Top 12 for 2023

Every summer, we look forward to trialing the new plants we’ll be offering in our garden center the following year. A few varieties always rise to the top of our must-haves list as they deliver a fantastic garden performance in our own gardens and in other trial gardens nearby. We usually tell you about our

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Garden Crossings

What You Should Know Before You Decide Where to Shop

We understand that you have many different options for purchasing plants and gardening products. We are proud to be part of an entire industry of plant producers who provide home gardeners and plant enthusiasts with the beautiful plants that fill their homes and gardens. The more we talk to our customers, the more we realize

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