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Sunbini Sanvitalia 'Starbini (Superbini)' PP17,869

Sunbini Sanvitalia 'Starbini (Superbini)' (Zinnia Creeping)
Sunbini Sanvitalia 'Starbini (Superbini)' (Zinnia Creeping) Sunbini Sanvitalia 'Starbini (Superbini)' (Zinnia Creeping)
Sunbini Sanvitalia 'Starbini (Superbini)' PP17,869
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charlene's Review
Location: Cherry Valley, NY
Hardiness Zone: 4

we put these in window boxes. We were not always at home for days . They did beautifully !!!!! They filled out and flowered constantly . They continued beyond the frost . Beautiful !!!!

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Common Name: “Zinnia Creeping”

(Creeping Zinnia) Sunbini Sanvitalia offers petite, bright yellow flowers on extremely heat-tolerant plants. These sunny daisy-like flowers will bring cheer to your hanging baskets, window boxes, combination containers or landscape.  Sunbini Sanvitalia is a low-maintenance plant requiring no deadheading to stay in continuous bloom. Sunbini Sanvitalia will grow 6-10” high and will trail up to 20” and requires full sun.  It is native to North America.

Flower Color: Deep Yellow
Height: 6-10 Inches     Spread: 1-2 Feet
Hardiness Zone: 10-11  
PW - 4 1/2" Pot
1.57 pints/742 ml
$7.99 ea.
$7.59 ea.
$7.19 ea.
$6.79 ea.

Sunbini Characteristics & Attributes

Sun Exposure
  • Full Sun
Soil Moisture Needs
  • Moderate
  • Dry
  • Drought Tolerant
Season of Interest (Flowering)
  • Late Spring or Early Summer
  • Summer
  • Late Summer
  • Fall
Design Use
  • Hanging Baskets
  • Combination Containers
  • Container
Container Design
  • Filler

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