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i3 Planters (Hanging Basket)

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i3 Planters (Hanging Basket)

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The i3 Planters are a gorgeous hanging basket solution for both indoors or out! i3 Planters have a unique combination of a bell shaped low voltage lighting fixture, hanging basket and the patented Aqua-Air™ liner to make your hanging baskets hassle free. It can also be easily attached to your existing sprinkler system or attached to a garden hose for automated watering.

The i3 Planters: Lighting Up the Night Life!
i3 Planters are the perfect solution for busy gardeners but yet it's automatic lighting creates romantic ambiance at night, safety around your home, and adds elegance to your garden or landscapes.

 i3 Planters

* hanger fixture
* 16" resin wicker basket
* Aqua-Air 3™ Liner
* 100 Ft. 1/4" tubing
* 20 watt MR11 or Ushio 10K hr. bi-pin halogen lamp
* Adapter for automatic sprinkler system hook-up
* 2 "T" connectors,
* 2 elbows
* 2 straight connectors.
* 1- 360° deg. adjustable stream emitter (0-10 gal. per hr.)

The i3 Planter are powder coat and are available in the following colors; Georgetown White, Jamestown Gold or Burgundy Bronze.

Purchase i3 Planters (Hanging Basket) Online

Item AQULI16GA - 16" Replacement Liner
Price: $9.99
Item i3BBGA - Burgundy Bronze
Price: $149.95
Item i3GWGA - Georgetown White
Price: $149.95
Item i3JGGA - Jamestown Gold
Price: $149.95

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