Espoma® Organic Bio Tone®

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Espoma® Organic Bio Tone®

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Espoma® Organic Bio-Tone® Starter Plus 4-3-3 Plant Food Plus Mycorrhizae
Bio-Tone® Starter Plus is a microbe-enhanced, all natural, organic starter fertilizer that includes beneficial bacteria and humates plus Mycorrhizae. Use when planting all flowers, vegetables, trees and shrubs to help establish large root systems very quickly. Bio-Tone® will help reduce transplant shock, develop deeper roots, and promote bigger and more plentiful blooms. No sludges or fillers are ever used.

Brand: Espoma® Products


  1. Christopher

    Thank you for having this product in stock, hard to find in stores.

  2. Stephanie R

    Great fertilizer since using this I’ve seen a great improvement in our plants.

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