Proven Winners® Twist ‘n Plant® JUMBO Auger

Proven Winners® Twist ‘n Plant® JUMBO Auger


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The Proven Winners® Twist ‘n Plant® JUMBO Auger

The Proven Winners® Twist ‘n Plant® JUMBO Auger is the ultimate garden helper!  It makes planting flowers and bulbs quick, easy, and enjoyable.  You will be able to drill the perfect sized hole to plant up your containers or landscape while saving time and effort.  

Uses for the Twist ‘n Plant:

  • Plant large potted perennials & shrubs
  • Plant flower bulbs
  • Bore 5-8” wide holes in soil up to 11” deep
  • Till soil in the garden by turning the auger on its side

To use:

  • Secure Twist ‘n Plant® auger bit in a ½-inch or larger drill
  • Operate at low speed
  • Drill the hole to the same depth as the potted plant recommendations


  • Solid steel construction
  • Glossy white enamel coating
  • 5” x 15” spiral auger
  • Rugged 1-inch shaft with 10-gauge flighting
  • ½-inch non-slip hex drive
  • Cordless drill minimum voltage recommendation: 18V cordless(20V recommended)

***Warning For Your Safety***

  • The JUMBO will NOT work in a 3/8″ drill. You will need a ½” or larger drill.
  • Wear protective eyewear. Do not wear loose clothing or jewelry that could catch on the auger. Use caution around underground sprinklers and utilities. 
  • Do not allow auger to point towards or make contact with any part of your body or someone else’s body.  Serious injury can occur.  
  • Keep drill on the lowest setting or there is risk of damage to your wrist in rough ground, around tree roots or heavy clay.
  • “Know what’s below” before operating auger.  Look up your state’s system for marking wires & cables underground before using this auger.


Plant Type: Essentials
Brand: Proven Winners® Essentials
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