Gaillardia - Blanket Flower

The bright and vivid, daisy-like blooms of Blanket Flower are a must have addition to any sunny border or container. Blanket Flower, formally known as Gaillardia, is native to North and South America and can tolerate dry conditions or even drought once established. They can be annual or perennial depending on the variety and type. Blanket Flowers require a full sun location with well-drained soil to thrive. They do not like rich, fertile soil or ‘wet feet’ which makes them a no fuss, easy care option. Not only are the brilliant colors of Blanket Flower attractive to many pollinators, they are not bothered by many pests or diseases, are deer resistant and make great cut flowers. Enjoy them as companions to black eyed susans, echinacea, lantana, marigolds, salvia and sedum.

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