Calylophus - Texas Primrose

This Southwest native is one tough plant! Texas Primrose loves hot, dry and sunny sites so if you are looking for a plant that practically thrives on neglect, this is it! The cheery yellow flowers of Texas Primrose are born in profusion on needle-like green foliage. Creating mounds that are 4-8 inches high and 12-20 inches wide, Texas Primrose is hardy in zones 8-10, and even though it loves the heat of the Southwest, it also performs well in Northern areas. The one thing it does require is well-drained soil on the dry side, so resist the urge to overwater. With that in mind, this plant is excellent for rock gardens, as an edging plant in the sunny border or in containers with a well-draining potting mix. There is a lot to love about this great plant, it is not only heat and drought tolerant, it attracts pollinators and has good deer resistance also.

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