Plant Combinations for Containers, Baskets, or Landscapes? Let us help take the guess work out of container designs with our premade combinations and combination kits. Our premade combinations can be easily transplanted into hanging baskets or containers for an instant mix of plants. Or you can choose from our combination kits which include several annuals that we have carefully selected to be grown together. Planning your hanging baskets and containers have never been so easy.

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  • Combination Kit - Above and Beyond
  • Annual Combo Aloha
  • Bahama Beach Combo Kit
  • Annual Combo Bermuda Sky
  • Annual Combo California Dreamin
  • Annual COmbination Candyland
  • Annual Combo Country Morning
  • Annual Combo Fired Up
  • Annual Combo Fireworks
  • Annual Combo Geneva Terrace
  • Annual Combo Highland Grove
  • Annual Combo Lazy Dayz
  • Annual combo Lemonade StandP
  • Annual Combo Livin on the edge
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