Bouvardia - Firecracker Bush

Firecracker Bush or Bouvardia is also known as the Hummingbird Flower Plant, as hummers can’t resist its trumpet shaped blooms! Native to the Southwest area of North America, Firecracker Bush is hardy in zones 8-10 with some varieties remaining evergreen in frost free areas and deciduous in Northern locations. This attractive shrub has an upright growth habit reaching heights between 2-4 feet, depending on the cultivar, with small narrow leaves and numerous clusters of trumpet shaped blooms that look like a stunning fireworks display! Typically available in scarlet red, there are many cultivars in shades of orange, pink, white and yellow. Prized by the floral industry, the blooms of Firecracker Bush, make a wonderful cut flower. Provide good drainage and neutral to acidic soil, with regular moisture in full to part sun locations. Plant this shrub where it can be seen in a border or bed near the deck, patio or porch or as a container plant in Northern zones where it can be brought indoors as a houseplant.

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