Lily of the Valley Shrub - Pieris

If there was a perfect shrub for the shade, the Lily of the Valley shrub would be it! Also known as andromeda or Japanese Pieris, this plant has a list of desirable traits a mile long including excellent shade tolerance, deer resistance, evergreen foliage, and long lasting interesting blooms to name a few. The Lily of the Valley is related to Rhododendrons and will require some of the same conditions. Acidic, moist, but well-drained soil, and benefitting with protection from the strong winds of winter. You will love the glossy green foliage that boasts striking bright red new growth. If that’s not enough, the numerous bell-like flowers that hang in long clusters, resembling those of the Lily of Valley plant will continue to delight. Not only a shade shrub, Pieris can also be used in the sunny border making it a truly versatile addition to your landscape.

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