Tecoma - Trumpet Bush

The stunning, bright orange, trumpet shaped fragrant blooms of Tecoma will be a favorite of yours as well as the hummingbirds it will attract to the garden!  Tecoma is a deciduous shrub native to Bolivia and Argentina and will add a tropical flair to the landscape.  It is just like a trumpet vine but in a compact shrub form and without the invasive tendencies.  The attractive foliage has many lance shaped leaves that are arranged next to each other up and down the stem that sets off the long-blooming display of large trumpet shaped flowers in summer.  Hardy in zones 8-11, Tecoma can be grown as an annual in more Northern areas.  It’s compact habit is great for use in containers on the deck or patio and can be brought inside to overwinter as a houseplant.  It prefers moist, well-drained soil and thrives in full sun.

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