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For general growing tips and how to care for your annuals. View Garden Crossings How to care for Annuals page.

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(19 customer reviews)


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(Petunia) SUPERTUNIA VISTA® BUBBLEGUM® Petunia has bubblegum pink flowers that will add a striking mass of color to your garden. A Garden Crossings Favorite and soon to be your favorite, too. SUPERTUNIA VISTA® BUBBLEGUM® Petunia is a very vigorous and mounded grower that has been bred to flower earlier and grow taller and wider than other SUPERTUNIA® varieties. The SUPERTUNIA VISTA® varieties of Petunias can grow to heights of up to 24″ high and can trail over the edges of baskets and containers up to 4 feet by seasons end! SUPERTUNIA VISTA® BUBBLEGUM® is ideal for large containers and for use in the front or middle of garden beds. The flowers are medium sized and the plant performs best with regular watering and application of a water-soluble fertilizer.

Common Name: Petunia
Plant Type: Annual
Brand: PROVEN WINNERS® Annuals
Hardiness Zone: 10, 11What is my zone?
Max Height: 1 – 2 Feet
Max Spread: 1 – 2 Feet
Exposure: Full Sun (+6 hrs.), Part Shade (4-6 hrs.)
Nature Attractions: Butterflies, Hummingbirds
Flower Color: Pink Shades
Soil Moisture Needs: Dry, Moderate
Attributes: Drought Tolerant
Design Use: Combination Containers, Container, Hanging Baskets
Container Design: Filler
Season of Interest (Flowering): Late Spring or Early Summer, Summer, Late Summer, Fall
Collection: P. Allen Smith Platinum
Homeowner Tips

For general growing tips and how to care for your annuals. View Garden Crossings How to care for Annuals page.

Interested in growing tips for other plants we sell. Browse our Plant Care Tips.

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Rod’s Pick

19 reviews for SUPERTUNIA VISTA® BUBBLEGUM® Petunia

  1. Dottie S

    Love Supertunia Vista Bubblegum Petunias, this is my second year, We enjoyed them so much last year, can’t think of planting anything else.Great in big pots.

  2. sqsand

    I bought these in 2021 and I’m buying again. This petunia stayed beautiful right up until a freeze – after some other plants gave up in the Charleston heat.

  3. Yvonne D

    Looking forward showing off these flowers

  4. Joan

    My favourite petunias. Where can I buy bubblegum vista petunia seed please?

    • Heidi Grasman

      Bubblegum Petunias do not come from seed. They come from cuttings.

  5. Tammy

    A workhorse in the garden. Gorgeous and reliable for color all season. Must have

  6. Wendy

    Beautiful plant. Easy to grow in ground or in container. This plant gets huge, so make sure to read the tag and plant appropriately! 6 plus hours of sun a day for lots of blooms!

  7. Deb

    I can’t get enough of this! It grows and grows. A real show stopper

  8. Jillian A

    *No deadheading
    *Continuous blooming spring till frost
    *And the growth.. it’s like they have superpowers!
    Must have in any planter, hanging basket, or landscape in full sun!
    Zone 5a

  9. Cindy

    Looking forward to spring!

  10. Fil P

    Anyone can have success with this nearly anywhere. Just try it. Do not wonder or worry about the price. Get a half dozen and spread them around….the neighbors will be raving….and the deer DO NOT TOUCH THEM.

  11. Terry W

    Do these need deadheaded?

    • Heidi Grasman

      Supertunias do not need to be deadheaded. They are a sterile petunia that does not come from seed or produce seed. They have one job and that is to keep producing more flowers. The wind will blow any flowers off that are dead.

  12. Lila

    How do the Supertunia Petunias do in front of the house in part shade, part sun?

    • Heidi Grasman

      Supertunias prefer full sun, but can handle some shade.

  13. Patt T.

    One of my favorites! Blooms non-stop with great color!

  14. Shelly Z

    If you want a filler and spiller all in one . This plant is for you. Bright, Vigorous And Beautiful.

  15. Ron

    This plant blooms like crazy!

  16. Ron B | Zone: 6a

    Bloomed Like Crazy
    I had this in a planter and it bloomed like crazy. They did very well in a hot spot. I’m looking forward to trying this in a bed in front of my house this year.

  17. Julie W | Zone: 8a

    Perfect Pink
    My favorite annual, hands down. Isn’t it everyone’s?!! The perfect pink. Goes with everything. Nonstop blooms from spring to late fall here in Dallas. I’ve planted in our clay soil and in hanging baskets. Same great performance either way.

  18. Elizabeth | Zone: 6

    WOW! Beautiful and self-maintaining. Does well in all weather and blooms like CRAZY for what seems like forever!

  19. Brenda | Zone: 3

    Love It!
    I LOVE this flower. I planted these in an old wash tub and it filled the whole tub and bloomed all summer long. It does well in the heat and wind as well. LOVE IT!

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