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Deer eating plants

Tough plants for Challenging Garden Conditions

As with most things in life, gardening is more fun when you are faced with fewer challenges like clay soil, hungry deer or full shade—that is, until you know how to meet and defeat those challenges. It takes some practice, but in time, you will learn which kinds of plants you can grow without any

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7 sun or shade plants
Annual Flowers

14 Inspiring Container Gardening Ideas for Sun and Shade

The beauty of gardening in containers is that it can be done anywhere. Since you control the soil and water, plus you can decide what amount of sun to set the planter in, you know your plants will thrive. Sometimes, we just need to see ideas to inspire us on how to select coordinating colors

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Gardening for Pollinators

From the time we are little children, we are fascinated with pollinators—the bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other small creatures that 85% of the world’s flowering plants need to reproduce and produce seeds or fruit. They really are an essential part of a healthy environment. Did you know that one out of every three bites of

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