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  • Viola ‘Etain’

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  • Pansy Majestic Giants Yellow Blotch - Annual
Container Gardening

Our 10 Favorite Perennials and Shrubs for Containers

Are you tired of replanting all of your patio and porch pots every year? What if some of them contained plants that returned for several years? Though non-hardy annuals are traditionally used in patio and porch containers, the palette of available plant material increases exponentially when you add hardy perennials and shrubs into the mix.

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April: Gardening Activities

Primroses can handle Early Spring's Fickle WeatherThis begins the season we’ve all been waiting for. Though we started some gardening activities last month, April will be the one that helps you sleep well every night. The fresh spring air and all that great exercise in the garden do a body good!

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