Foundational Plants Everyone Should Grow

Incrediball® Hydrangea

(Smooth Hydrangea) INCREDIBALL® Hydrangea is a new and improved Hydrangea Annabelle from Spring Meadow Nursery and will amaze everyone with its colossal blooms. INCREDIBALL® has strong, hefty stems that won’t droop and large dark green leaves. The blooms emerge lime green, change to white, then turn green as they age, and are striking in both fresh and dried arrangements. Hardy in zones 3-9, INCREDIBALL® can be grown in full sun to part shade locations. Blooming off of the new season’s growth, INCREDIBALL® is a very reliable bloomer from year to year.

2 thoughts on “Foundational Plants Everyone Should Grow”

  1. Bobo is my favorite, why would you recommend incredible over bobo? What situation would you recommend bobo? Is incrediball to tall to put strongbox in front off?

    1. Bobo and Incrediball are two different hydrangeas for different applications. I like the size of Bobo and it blooms later than Incrediball. Incrediball is a great plant as well. The flowers of Incrediball are much larger, and like I said blooms earlier. I have several Bobos, I use them as foundation plants as well as anchor plants in the garden. I have one Incrediball(white) and use it more for a shrub that is part of the garden. ( I have several different colors of the Incrediballs as well)

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