Fun Foliage for the Garden

Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera

Fun Foliage for The GardenI often find myself looking for plants that will give me unique foliage color in multiple seasons. On a recent garden tour at Walters Gardens Inc. I found this handsome duo consisting of Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera and an old time perennial favorite, Sedum ‘Angelina‘.

Dolce® Blackberry Ice Heuchera is a new introduction for 2104 brought to us by Proven Winners®. When looking for fantastic color for both sun and shade gardens, Heuchera is a go to plant. Dolce® Blackberry Ice has large, deep purple leaves with a silvery dusting that accentuates the dark, almost black veining. With each season Blackberry Ice takes on a slightly different color hue. Standing 10-12 inches tall and wide, Dolce® Blackberry Ice has a nice mounding habit. The white flowers in midsummer have insignificant value. The villosa parentage of Dolce® Blackberry Ice offer excellent heat and humidity tolerance.

Fun Foliage for The GardenMixing the old with the new really gives off a beautiful garden contrast. Sedum ‘Angelina’ has been around for many years and is an excellent evergreen groundcover. ‘Angelina’ goes through colors changes just as the season change. In the winter it is a chartreuse green color, and as the spring/summer progress, the foliage turns to a bright yellow color. But the show is not over! In the fall, ‘Angelina’ turns bright orange and looks amazing. The contrast of the dark purple of Dolce® Blackberry Ice and the bright yellow of Sedum ‘Angelina’ put on a beautiful display.

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