Me Help! Including Toddlers In Gardening

Plant a Seed in A Child and Watch Them Flourish

Toddlers in the gardenThe phrase I hear a lot of lately from my toddler is, “Me help”. The task can be making a meal, bringing in the groceries, or planting up a new combination in a pot, and the list goes on. How can I resist the sweet little voice asking to help? Kids of all ages love to play in the dirt. So why not include them in your planting and let them experience the joy of planting a beautiful arrangement that they can take pride in.

This fall I decided to add to my fall decor by planting up a small planter with asters and pansies. After arriving home with the pink and purple asters and yellow pansies, my daughter was eager to help plant them up. So, why not? She was thrilled to help!

I recommend getting your container, dirt and flowers all ready to utilize before involving your toddler. Gloves are a plus and I just happened to have a pair for her to wear. I filled the container ¾ of the way full with potting soil. I then loosened up the purple asters from their container, took them out and handed them to my daughter. I showed her where to place them in the planter and as she placed them, I loosened up the yellow pansies and removed them from their container. I handed them to my daughter, showed her where to place them, and continued the same process with the pink asters. Now the pink asters had a bit of a tight space to fill but my daughter was persistent and pushed them into place. I then showed her how to take the dirt from the bag and place it in the empty spaces around the plants that were just planted by her. She did a great job and she was so happy to see the end result with clapping hands and dancing feet!

Toddlers in the gardenImagine the happiness she felt inside with her accomplishment. There are some things that we adults would rather do without the help of an eager toddler but this is one thing they can definitely assist with! Let them experience the planting and gardening world early on and they will learn to enjoy making their world a little brighter with plants of all kinds. Parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and family members, the next time you hear “Me help”, figure out a way to include the toddler in your life and let him or her help.

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