Long Blooming Perennial with Increased Hardiness

Hyssop- Agastache

Agastache Kudos CoralA great perennial has just gotten better! Agastache have long been known for their long bloom time from early summer through the fall, but for many they would only last for one season. Agastache have just gotten better for more climates, hardy down to zone 5. New for 2014, I would like to introduce to you the Kudos™ series of Agastache.

Agastache Kudos ManderineLast summer we did a trial on Kudos™ Agastache and were very impressed with the beauty of their blooms, size and how well they lasted throughout the season. That being said we have added Kudos™ Mandarin & Coral. Increased hardiness, compact habit, and increased disease resistance are just a few of the great attributes in the new Kudos™ series of Agastache. The upright mounding habit of Kudos™ Coral & Mandarin stands 17-20 inches tall and spreads about 16 inches. Agastache are one of the longest blooming perennials blooming from early summer through late fall. The stunning blooms have a sweet honey- mint scent and attracts a plethora of butterflies and hummingbirds. If drought is a problem for your garden, Agastache is drought tolerant once established but will also tolerate areas that may stay a bit moist. Hardy down to zone 5, the Kudos™ series is one of the hardiness. Kudos™ Agastache are equally nice for garden design and combination containers designs, the long bloom time is amazing. Are deer a problem in your garden? No worries, Kudos™ Agastache are Deer resistant!

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