Jamesbrittenia - South African Phlox

South African Phlox or Jamesbrittenia is a little-known annual that has been improved over the years with new cultivars showing excellent performance in both landscapes and containers. This heat tolerant gem has dainty, star-shaped blooms that cover the plant all season long. It is reminiscent of Sutera or Bacopa but with better performance. It comes in many different colors including orange, pink and purple with contrasting eyes. South African Phlox is a mounded grower reaching 6-12 inches high by 12-24 inches wide and is hardy in zones 10-11. It prefers full to part sun and requires well-drained soil. Deadheading is not needed, but trimming may be done to freshen up the plant if needed. Enjoy South African Phlox as a filler in mixed containers or hanging baskets or as a border plant in the landscape.

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