Hydrangea - Cascade

This exciting addition to the Hydrangea world was first introduced to gardeners at the prestigious Chelsea Flower Show where it won top honors as the Plant of the Year for 2018. It is now available in North America! The Cascading Hydrangea is an interspecific hybrid coming from an Asian species crossed with H. macrophylla (Big Leaf). Long trailing stems grace this lovely Hydrangea and it is covered in a spectacular display of blooms as it produces florets at every leaf node. It is hardy in zones 6-9 and performs best with at least 6 hours of sun. In hot climates, afternoon shade is desirable. Blooming on old wood, the Cascading Hydrangea should not be pruned except to remove dead stems. Be sure to place this special Hydrangea in an area where it can best be shown off such as in a hanging basket, patio container, or softening the edges of a retaining wall.

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