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Flowering Clematis Vines

10 New Perennials for Your Sunny Landscape

Spring Bling™ Hybrid Creeping Phlox Ring in the spring season with these early blooming groundcover phlox! If you’ve ever grown creeping phlox, then you know how much joy they bring to the landscape after a long winter. They form a carpet of vibrant blooms that welcome back pollinating bees and butterflies into the garden. This

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Do It Yourself Butterfly Feeders…

For The Crafty Gardener!

Do it Yourself Butterfly FeederDo you consider yourself crafty? Do you like little garden accessories in your flower beds? I sure do! Recently we held a Pinterest Party in which we made Butterfly feeders for our garden and landscapes. If you are even just a little bit crafty, this project is for you.

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Weekender Self Watering Hanging basket

Weekender® Self Watering Hanging Basket

The Weekender® Hanging Planter is a self-watering system that will allow you the flexibility to water your hanging baskets every 3-4 days instead of daily.  This is ideal for those that have to go out of town for a few days and want their plants to be alive when they get back!  Plants are watered

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Garden Perennials

10 New Perennials for Sun and Shade

Incredible advancements are made in perennials every year, so they are easier to grow and more beautiful for us to enjoy in our gardens. We’ve rounded up a group of ten new perennials we think you’ll love as much as we do, including four unique newcomers for shade. Let’s dive in and take a closer

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