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Senecio String of Pearls

(Senecio) Spilling over the edges of containers, ‘String of Pearls’ resembles a beaded necklace with green, pea-sized foliage. Recommended for hanging baskets as the foliage can get quite long, or in containers forming a mat along the surface. The round pea-like foliage retains moisture, so if the spherical leaves look flat, the plant needs water,

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Crassula Baby Jade Crassula

Crassula ‘Baby Jade’

Crassula Baby Jade stands 1-2 foot when mature. It preferes to be grown in full sun locations and can handle drought like conditions once established. A perfect addition for rock gardens, mass planting or container gardens. We recommend taking your Baby Jade indoors once the weather starts to cool.

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The Mysteries and Marvel at Midnight

Great Foliage in Full Sun

Midnight Marvel HibiscusThe dark evening sky, the mysterious happenings in the night, all of these things set you up for a touch of fear. Right? Well maybe not but it got your attention anyway. Today’s featured plant is ‘Midnight Marvel‘ Hibiscus. ‘Midnight Marvel’ is a new plant introduction for 2013. It is a cross between to other great Hardy hibiscus plants, those plants are ‘Summer Storm‘, known for its dark foliage and also ‘Cranberry Crush‘ known for its deep, rich, red flowers.
So if someone was to ask me ” What is the best thing about this plant?” This is what I would have to say. “There are several ‘best’ things!” What really stands out as the most intriguing feature of ‘Midnight Marvel‘ is the deep dark purple, almost black, foliage. Then when you pair the huge cranberry blooms with that dark foliage the contrast is Striking! Not only are you getting beautiful blooms color in your garden, you can also enjoy the dark foliage color. Planted in full, the foliage will be the darkest in color. Another thing to point out is, that this Hardy Hibiscus is what is known as “indeterminate”. Indeterminate is a feature you should look for when deciding on what hibiscus variety you are going to choose. Indeterminate means that this plant is going to send blooms all the way up the stem. Which means for you, MORE blooms to enjoy!

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