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Landscaping in Full Shade: Tips for Your Success

Learning how to garden in full shade can be daunting at first, but when you see an underused shady space transformed into something beautiful, it becomes a very rewarding experience. Let’s talk about the key bits of knowledge you’ll need to establish a garden in the shade. We’ll cover the advantages, disadvantages and tips for

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7 Ways to Use Annuals in Landscapes

You might be a seasoned pro at growing annuals in containers, but knowing how to use them in the landscape can be a little trickier. Let’s take a look at seven unique ways annuals can quickly enhance the look of your garden, even if you live where the growing season is short. #1 – Fill

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MEANT TO BEE™ Queen Nectarine Agastache - Perennial

Top 10 Long Blooming Perennials and Shrubs

You asked, we listened! One of the most common questions we receive from customers is which of the perennials and shrubs we offer bloom the longest. Thankfully, there are many options – more than ever before. We’re sharing ten of our favorites with you here, plus lists of even more varieties so you can explore

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Rockin’ Playin’ the Blues salvia

20 Brilliant Blooming Flowers for Front Yards

Some plants rise above the rest with their extraordinarily brilliant blooms and foliage that are so distinctive that you can instantly identify them from a distance. We call them 55mph varieties – plants that turn heads even when you’re speeding past them down the highway. They make great flowers for front yards. If flashy flower

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EL NIÑO™ Chitalpa - Shrubs

10 Shrubs That Like Full Sun and Heat

If you garden where the summer’s heat seems unrelenting, choosing suitable plants for your landscape that can handle consistently high temperatures is especially critical. Maybe you’ve found that some shrubs in your garden just can’t seem to take the heat like they used to. Instead of spending your time and energy pampering them along, consider

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Window Box Garden for Shade

Window Box Ideas for Summer – Tips and Recipes

Interested in adding window boxes to dress up your home’s curb appeal? We’ve got you covered with these window box ideas for summer. Here are some helpful planting and maintenance tips plus ten fun recipes to try this year. Window Box Gardening Tips Growing plants in window boxes is a lot like growing them in

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Sweet Romance Lavender

How to Grow and Prune Lavender Plants

One of the questions we receive most from home gardeners is how to grow and prune lavender. So, join us in learning everything you need to know about how to grow this classically fragrant perennial in your garden. We’ll cover when to plant, the best locations to grow it, how to prune and much more

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SUPERTUNIA® Saffron Finch™ Petunia - Annuals

Heidi and Rod’s Top 10 New Plants for 2024

We’re back with this year’s edition of Heidi and Rod’s Top 10 New Plants for 2024! They know a good plant when they see one and since they have the advantage of growing many of the new varieties before they are introduced, you’ll get to benefit from their experience. Let’s see who made the list

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SUPERTUNIA VISTA® Jazzberry™ Petunia - Annual (Meet the National Recipes and Plants of the Year 2024)

Meet the National Recipes and Plants of the Year 2024

Meet the national plants of the year 2024! Each year, Proven Winners awards top prizes for their most exemplary annuals, perennials, shrubs and container recipes under the National Plants and Recipes of the Year program. This makes it easy for home gardeners like you to identify the very best plants in each plant category. If

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Winter Garden

Everything You Need to Know About Growing Zones for Plant Hardiness

Knowing your hardiness growing zone for plants is important if you plan to grow trees, shrubs and perennials. We’ll walk you through exactly what a hardiness zone is, how to find yours, whether or not the new USDA map affects you, how to interpret zones on plant labels, and other factors that affect plants’ hardiness

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Lavender Bundles

Best Flowers and Methods for Drying

Have you ever enjoyed a piece of art, wreath or bath salts that incorporated dried flowers and thought about drying your own? It’s an easy way to extend the use of the flowers and plants from your garden and bring nature inside. Let’s take a look at some types of plants you could be growing

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