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Annual Flowers

10 New Annuals You Won’t Want to Miss This Spring

Color, color, color is what it’s all about come springtime! Here are ten new vibrant annual plants that are sure to cure the wintertime blues—all available now for pre-order here. (Are you as excited as we are about Supertunia Vista® Bubblegum’s new sister?) #1 – Superbells® Blackcurrant Punch™ Calibrachoa For major WOW! power, try this

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Sweet Romance Lavender
Cultural Care

How to Grow and Prune Lavender Plants

One of the questions we receive most from home gardeners is how to grow and prune lavender. So, join us in learning everything you need to know about how to grow this classically fragrant perennial in your garden. We’ll cover when to plant, the best locations to grow it, how to prune and much more

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7 sun or shade plants
Annual Flowers

14 Inspiring Container Gardening Ideas for Sun and Shade

The beauty of gardening in containers is that it can be done anywhere. Since you control the soil and water, plus you can decide what amount of sun to set the planter in, you know your plants will thrive. Sometimes, we just need to see ideas to inspire us on how to select coordinating colors

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Caring for Your Hemerocallis (Daylilies)

Common Name(s): Daylily Description: Daylilies are one of the most popular and widely grown perennials. In fact, Hemerocallis is the second most popular perennial in the United States, second only to Hosta. Daylilies form attractive clumps with smooth grass-like foliage. The long, narrow leaves are heavily ribbed and two ranked, forming regular fans. Daylilies are

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Caring for Your Phlox

Common Name(s): Garden Phlox, Tall Phlox Description: With its aromatic, bright, and showy long-lasting flower clusters Phlox paniculata has become a staple in today’s landscapes. Garden phlox is one of the most recognizable and widely grown perennials. Recent breeding efforts have brought several improvements to this already popular species of perennial plants including a wide

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Caring for Your Echinacea

Common Name(s): Coneflower Description: With its season-long colorful display of daisy-like flowers, Echinacea is the perfect perennial for sunny locations. The striking, colorful, and fragrant flowers have a prominent central cone held high on sturdy stems. Recent breeding efforts have resulted in an ever expanding range of flower colors, blooming characteristics, and plant habits. They

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Deer eating plants

Tough plants for Challenging Garden Conditions

As with most things in life, gardening is more fun when you are faced with fewer challenges like clay soil, hungry deer or full shade—that is, until you know how to meet and defeat those challenges. It takes some practice, but in time, you will learn which kinds of plants you can grow without any

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