WaterWise Container Watering Kit

No Time to Water Your Plants?

Worrying About Watering? With the New Proven Winners® WaterWise Easy Container Watering Kit your worries are over. Our easy-to-use, self-contained kit makes it simple to water container plants, hanging baskets, flower boxes, and landscape beds automatically.

In fact, you can water up to ten containers or 30 feet of landscape beds from a single faucet. And, if your garden is larger than that, additional kits can be easily attached to water even more plants from the same faucet. Just set it and forget it.

WaterWise Container Watering Kit

from Proven Winners

Sale Price: $34.95

Purchase WaterWise - Container Watering Kit WaterWise Container Watering Kit

Why WaterWise? Features and Benefits

  1. Eco-friendly - saves water
  2. Versatile - for use in containers or landscapes
  3. Simple - water up to 10 containers from a single kit and faucet
  4. Expandable - multiple kits can be connected. 

It comes complete - This kit contains everything you need to easily water up to ten container plants or 30 feet of landscape beds from a single faucet.

It's simple to use - WaterWise isn't like other drip systems where you have to purchase tubing, emitters, clamps, etc. and try to match up the individual parts on your own. Everything you need to is in one kit, and the step-by-step instructions make set-up simple.

It saves time and water - By using drippers instead of spray heads, our kit requires no adjusting of water flow. Once you set it up, the watering takes care of itself, and that means better plant growth, time savings, and water conservation.

It blends with the landscape - The tan color of the tubing in the Proven Winners® WaterWise kit is pleasing to the eye and blends into landscapes better than traditional black tubing. The tan color matches decks, mulch, etc.

It's versatile - Up to three kits can be combined in a single direction to water up to 30 containers or 90 feet of landscape beds from one faucet.

It's reliable The parts in the Proven Winners® WaterWise kit are of the highest quality. Tubing is easy to cut and fit and will not kink as other drip tubes do. Plus, the valves, adapters, and drip emitters have barbed outlets to ensure a secure, strong fit with the vinyl tubing.


Each Proven Winners® WaterWise™ kit contains:

  • 30-foot coil
    (high-quality tan-colored vinyl tubing)
  • Ten 1/2 GPH pressure compensating drippers
  • Ten Barbed Tees 
    (for use in attaching and extending vinyl tubing)
  • Three Barbed Crosses 
    (for use in attaching and extending vinyl tubing)
  • Ten Nail Clamps 
    (for positioning and holding vinyl tubing in place on wood decks or other wooden applications)
  • One Faucet Adapter
  • One Back Flow Prevention Valve
  • Ten Support Stakes 
    (to attach and hold drippers or to train the tubing in place in landscape beds)


  1. For 10-12" containers Use 1 dripper
  2. For 14-20" containers Use 2 drippers
  3. For 24"+ containers Use 3 drippers

Recommended watering time is 45-60 minutes per day for containers (use this as a starting point as climate and soil conditions vary).

On hot and/or windy days, an additional watering is recommended. A 9-volt faucet timer is also recommended (not included in the kit).

The system can also be used in landscapes. One dripper should be used per foot of plant height or spread.

Each Kit Comes Complete With Installation Instructions

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