A Surefire™ Annual for all Sun/Shade Conditions

Surefire™ Red Begonia

Surefire™ Red BegoniaFinding the perfect plant for all sun and shade areas can be tricky, but new for 2014 Surefire™ Red Begonia is the plant for all areas. Begonias are well suited for both landscape plantings and container designs.

It is a sure bet that Surefire™ Red Begonia will work in almost any planting application that you desire for it. I was fortunate enough to receive from Proven Winners®, a plant to trial in my garden. I must say that Surefire™ Red, planted directly in the landscape was just as amazing as planted in a container combination. One plant in the landscape, in full sun, stood approximately 18 inches tall and wide and put on a show from June, when it was planted, until late in the fall when the frost finally got it. A nonstop bloomer, a must have!

Surefire™ Red BegoniaEqually as beautiful, Surefire™ Red planted in a container in mostly shade put on a show. The combination of Surefire™ Red , Color Blaze™ Kingswood Torch Coleus & Catalina® Grape-O-Licious Torenia was fascinating. Worth repeating for a second year! I will tell you that if you are looking for an easy to grow, low maintenance, long blooming annual, you need to try the Surefire™ Begonias.

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