Angelface® Super Blue Angelonia- New for 2017

Angelonia Angelface Super BlueThere is a new Angelonia that will be making its appearance in gardens and containers this spring, it is Angelface® Super Blue Angelonia ( Super pink and Super White). You maybe thinking ‘Why does it have the word “super” in its name?’ I am here to tell you it is because this is a ‘super’ exciting new offering!

Angelonia Angelface Super PinkAngelface® Angelonias have been around for a while and have been a great plant for many. But for some they needed something with a bit more vigor and height, and that is where Angelface® Super Blue comes into play. The new ‘Super’ series of Angelonia have a nice tall, upright habit standing up to 30-40 inches depending on your zone. They spread up to 18-24 iniches wide. The have a very well branch habit and their vigor is unbelievable. If you are looking for a great thriller to add into your Supertunia® and Superbells® combinations, this is a great selection!

Angelface® Super Blue is a drought tolerant annual that is easy to grow and requires little to no deadheading. Blooming all season, the new for 2017 Angelface® Super Blue will not disappoint!

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